We live in an ever changing world; one that is being pushed to its limits. We continue to seek ways to make our lives easier and more convienent, but in reality, we are creating  destructions and abuses that affect all life forms. The first step towards making a difference is to take a look at how we live our everyday lives and how our choices affect the world around us, because they do.

When it comes to helping wildlife, each one of us can choose compassion:                                

*By safely pulling your car off the road, a turtle can be carried to the other side, in the same direction it was headed towards, instead of being struck.

*By postponing tree trimming projects until the winter months, birds, owls, hawks, and squirrels will be able to raise their young without harm.

*By securely fastening a chimney cap to an open chimney, animals will not be tempted to enter and take up residence or fall down into the chimney, unable to get out.

*By applying the brake or honking the car, an animal can get safely to the side of the road.

*By keeping pet dogs and cats confined, young wildlife will have the chance to grow.

..And most of all…

When a den or nest is discovered in an inconvienent location, have patience and know that it is only going to be there for a short time. Once the wild parents have completed their job, measures can then be taken to ensure that the wildlife will not return in the future.